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Moonwalkr Batting pads 2.0 (Leg Guards 2.0)

You’ll Never Wanna Take Them Off Here’s the gist: Slimmer, lighter, stronger, faster! We pride ourselves on being the only ones to make cricket leg guards that use
Original price was: £79.00.Current price is: £69.00.

Moonwalkr Keeping pads (Shin Guards)

Knock Wickets, not Knees This pioneered design has frontal straps with no buckles for better ergonomics and fit. Our shin guards are made of a ballistic-proof composite shell that
Original price was: £89.00.Current price is: £45.00.

Moonwalkr Thigh Guards

Maximum Coverage, Minimum Hazard The all-new moonwalkr thigh guards have an integrated dual guard design to ensure adequate protection for your outer and inner thigh regions. This
Original price was: £58.00.Current price is: £34.00.